Episode 1: Interview with Alex Alvarez

Alex Alvarez is the Founder and CEO of the Gnomon School of Visual Effects, Games and Animation. He is also an artist and animator himself and has worked on the movies Avatar, Star Trek, Super 8, Green Lantern and Prometheus. Find out more at Gnomon’s website: https://www.gnomon.edu/

Episode 2: Interview with Sergio German

Sergio German is our very own Radio class instructor. Find out more about the background and passions of the man behind the curtain!

Episode 3: Interview with David Flores

David Flores is a founding member of the band Las Cafeteras. Las Cafeteras create a vibrant musical fusion with a unique East LA sound and positive message. Their Afro-Mexican beats, rhythms and rhymes deliver inspiring lyrics that document stories of a community seeking love and justice in the concrete jungle of Los Angeles. Find out more about the band at their website:

Episode 4: Interview with Moctesuma Esparza

Moctesuma Esparza is a Chicano producer, entertainment executive, entrepreneur, community activist and founder of LAAAE. Esparza is well known for his contributions to the movie industry and commitment to creating opportunities for Latinos and Latinas everywhere. He is “an outspoken promoter of Indie and Latino films” and many of his films focus on Chicano themes. He has produced over twenty films and won over 200 awards.

Esparza was a key organizer in the 1960s-era movement for the civil rights and equality of Mexican Americans, Esparza remains committed to public service, donating his time to educational, cultural, and professional organizations, especially those that aim to elevate Latinos in business and media production.

Episode 5: Interview with The Order of the Diamond

Order of The Diamond is a band from South Central & East Los Angeles. Currently a band of 5 members, Order of The Diamond began as a way to vent through songwriting and musical composition, items like mental health, strength, and vulnerability are often the topic of their writing processes. Inspired by the animated series, Steven Universe, OOTD sets out to uplift those who would otherwise be heard, giving a voice to the voiceless and encouraging growth in the Latinx/Hispanix/Xincanx Community.

Episode 6: Interview with Jean Serene

Jean Serene, a Rock/Alternative band from Pico Rivera, California. Guitarist and vocalist Victor Choy comes from a classical guitar background, while drummer Jorge Alvarez grew up in a hardcore punk scene. It is the constant pull from these two opposite ends of the music spectrum that creates an interesting tension underneath the surface of every Jean Serene song. And somewhere in the middle of all that is bassist Elias Martinez Jr. Armed with diverse influences, some of which have nothing to do with Rock, Jean Serene is taking on the world one show at a time.

Episode 7: Interview with Neyva

Neyva is a singer-songwriter from Southern California, who not only plays in the greater Los Angeles area but also showcases an amazing live showcase featuring there amazing concepts and themes. Neyva considers themselves a musical alien who is set out to heal themselves and others through music.